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Seeing the Big Picture Part (2)

picture1Erik’s vision of the future is pretty realistic. “There are so many things that will make it successful. I don’t think it’s about having everybody like each other, or love each other, or have this idea that we’ll be a cohesive unit as if we were a ‘regular’ family. I think you’re successful if, first and foremost, your marriage is strong and the bio parent and the stepparent are able to work everything out. Read more

Seeing the Big Picture

picture2Dads have their own vision of how they want their families to turn out. And that vision helps them get through the dayto- day, just as it can help us. Many dads voice their desire for their families to feel normal and comfortable instead of the foreign, walking-on-eggshells mess they so often are at the beginning and at so many points along the way. Read more